About The Present Perfect

What's In A Name?

In grammar, the present perfect tense refers to something of the past that continues in the present.

This is photography at its very core.

But I chose the name The Present Perfect for an even simpler truth: In our day-to-day lives, we are often consumed with thoughts of our past or future. When instead, and especially on your wedding day, we should simply appreciate the beauty of the present.

Together, let’s celebrate what is.

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese philosophy where things are seen as more beautiful precisely because of their imperfection and impermanence. This philosophy informs how I see the world and how I live my life.

So, while “perfect” is part of my company name, I’m not about capturing perfection. The present is already perfect. And while I love a great timeline and advanced preparation, I also believe there’s a time to let it all go and trust that the planning did its job. 

Because it’s the unscripted and understated moments that truly shape the day. And, in the end, those are the moments that will tell a complete and authentic version of your one-of-a-kind story.

The Wabi-Sabi Influence

I Embrace Imperfection

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“We loved how vivid the pictures were as well as how natural and effortless everyone looked. It wasn't staged and it made us feel as though we were at the wedding and could picture the vibe of the event, just by looking at the photos.”


Love Notes

my philosophy

Rather than working from a rigid shot list, I use openness and curiosity to create naturally beautiful photographs.

I ask questions to understand your vision. I tease out things that make you uniquely you. And I observe interactions between you and your families.

Then, with no judgement, expectation or attachment, I capture your individuality, relationships and energy so you can fully appreciate them for what they are.

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Beauty Can Be Cultivated 

through curiosity

“Michelle has an incredibly intuitive understanding of her craft, artistry, and surroundings which enables her to capture perfect angles and beautiful light.”


Love Notes

my philosophy

My philosophy: On a day already filled with so much love and beauty, there’s no reason to stage or control things.

Instead, simply get lost in the day and know that I’ll be there to calmly and organically capture it.

But while my inclination as a photojournalist is to take a more hands off approach, please know my work isn’t entirely documentary. Instead, I will confidently adjust small, almost imperceptible things if I know it will make your photos that much better.

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rather than control

“When people ask how we chose our photographer, we show them Michelle’s portfolio and they also fall in love with her work.”


Love Notes

my philosophy

When it comes to editing your images, I handle them with the same care and intention I do taking them.

While you won’t find me doing a tremendous amount of retouching or taking away things that make you you, I will edit the color and tones of each image to enhance the mood of that moment.

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Capture Beauty

that already exists

“She was very warm, calm, and struck a balance in guiding photography so that we could have the documentation we wanted but were also able to still enjoy the day with our friends and family.”

Balance Of Guidance and Documentation


- Tasia, Bride

“She captured us both in the most raw, vulnerable, loving way we both didn't even know existed. The love & passion overflowed in each image from our guests to the decor to just the two of us.”

A Raw, Vulnerable, Loving Way


- Carlee & Justin

“She blended in with our wedding party seamlessly. She made everyone feel comfortable, and her enthusiasm boosted everyone’s confidence. She was respectful of our space. I trusted her completely.”

I trusted her completely


- Sara, Bride

More About Michelle

As a kid growing up on the Big Island, my dad left disposable cameras scattered around the house. I used them to take photos of things I observed while walking around my South Kona neighborhood. 

But it wasn't until I attended the ArtCenter College of Design that I discovered the difference between taking a photo and making a photo. And learned how to combine the styles of commercial, editorial and fashion photography to observe with intention. 

Soon after, I worked alongside top celebrity wedding photographers and came to realize that weddings offered a chance to satisfy both my love of photojournalism and my desire to create fine art from fleeting moments.

Today, my team and I photograph weddings with open eyes and open hearts, knowing that these photos will one day anchor your memories to this moment in time.

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."

Henry David Thoreau