Expressions of Beauty & Truth

Wedding Photojournalism with an Editorial Approach

Your wedding day will be a series of small but important moments. And your photographs will shape those moments into memories.

Your flower girl as she tentatively walks down the aisle...

Your dad wiping away a tear as he emotionally offers a toast...

Your friends, living it up on the dance floor...

While each moment may stand out on its own, together, they'll tell your story.

Wedding Photographs

True To Your Experience

What story do you want told?

Meet Michelle

While many photographers talk of capturing “your unique story,” their weddings all look the same.

Let's make photos that feel true to you. 

By taking the time to listen to what's most important and using my 10 years of experience to recognize moments before they happen, I'll create photographs that connect you back to the events of the day and the emotions.

So much so that, when you receive your photographs, they'll include the significant moments and the subtle nuances that are often missed by the average eye. And all the love, laughter, and beautiful missteps that shape the true story of the day.

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An Eye Into Your Day

"Michelle has an eye for the little things in images that are unique and special. She really captures the raw beauty of everything - not just people."

Carlee & Justin

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Emotionally Significant & Editorially Refined




The Here & Now

Your Elevated Experience

If there is ever a perfect time to be present, it’s on your wedding day.

So, I've designed this entire experience with one goal in mind: 

To ground you in each other, in a place, and in a moment.

Instead of uncomfortable poses, I'll provide the action and direction you both need to look and feel like the best versions of yourselves.


Using a calming presence and years of pattern recognition, I’ll anticipate and quietly capture what you'll want to remember most.


You’ll receive images that are beautifully-lit and hand-edited in a way that is both life-like and natural to your surroundings.


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"She really put us at ease. She not only listened to our ideas but was enthusiastic about capturing our vision. Of all the vendors I worked with, I never worried about her. I just checked 'photographer' off my list and didn’t think twice."

Sara, Bride

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